Another shooting, close to home

Ten people killed in a Boulder King Soopers, one a Police officer, the suspect in custody.

Major shootings since I’ve been here: Aurora (‘93), Columbine High School, the Aurora theatre, multiple shooters in schools the last ten years with low casualties but high emotional impact.

Ten more after eight killed in Atlanta last week in spa shootings. Thew Boulder one hit me as the officer that was killed, first on scene, had been noted for rescuing ducklings from a grate a few years back. Commonalities.

Now we do the same old dance that happens with every shooting. Thoughts and prayers are sent out , polite meaningless nothings. No cost, no real benefit.

Then the media, grasping at any piece of info to be the first. Got to get the ratings, get the killers name out there.

Then the politicians get in the game. Ban the guns! Free the guns! Fewer guns will solve the cause folk are afraid! Everyone should be armed then folk will be afraid to pull their guns. 2nd AMENDMENT! LIBERTY!

Same bullshit, different week. No easy solution We just become numb to the fact that leaving our house carries a risk of being killed by some random shithead with an ax to grind who should never have been able to get a gun .