Trump’s Post Court(s) Plan

Now that we’ve received another pair of Supreme Court defeats (Federal and Wisconsin) the Trumpicans have stated they’ll keep fighting. Despite over fifty rulings against them. Despite the fact there’s more evidence for Bigfoot than voter fraud.

Of course, they’ve gone from “widespread” fraud to “undetectable” fraud over the last couple days. Like every other bone he throws to his base, they both can’t be true. Just like Biden can’t be “slow and sleepy” and a “criminal mastermind.” Yet his supporters eat it up.

But Trump should take credit where credit is due. He did inspire the largest voter turnout in many an election. He made America vote again!

Doesn’t matter he lost the popular vote, that’s been the case in many recent elections, and he’s two for two on that front. It does matter he lost the Electoral in a landslide (his own words from ’16 when he had over three hundred).

As long as he files cases alleging fraud, his supporters will keep giving donations. $200 million to date. Never mind that only donations OVER $5000 go to the legal battle. Since he’s only spent under nine million on legal (mostly recounts), that makes sense. Every donation less than $5000 goes to his “election.”

Makes sense, the man’s got bills to pay. He’s in debt from this failed election. More to the point, he owes $400 million in loans to someone, and they’re coming due soon.

I’m thinking he’ll give up the court fights about the same time he has over $400m in donations. He’ll need the money to pay his loans, and his supporters will help him out in the name of “democracy,” or maybe “Trumpocracy.” They’ll not donate to local foodbanks, or businesses that have been hit hard by the last nine months of “pay no attention to what’s behind the hospital curtain. It’ll go away,” but they’ll freely give to him ’cause he’s the victim.

And he surely is. Most of the money he makes is from putting his name on things and getting royalties. Steaks, wines, golf courses, hotels, condoms, airlines, TV shows, all of these use his name because it stands for “The Best.” Doesn’t mean quite the same if he’s a petulant crybaby that lost an election.

Doesn’t smell quite like success. For the older among us, you might remember the diaper pails.