The Election looms

“What we have lost is the sense that we are one nation, all in this together. Donald Trump is the first president in our history who has sought to divide us rather than unite us. We will heal once he leaves, but the scar will endure.” Walter Isaacson, historian

Sadly, this is so true. In the last four years we’ve become the red and the blue states of America, I’ve watched families torn apart, close relatives unfriended, a country that has become either us or them, Democrat and Republican, black or white. There is no grey anymore, just straight polemics of “I’m right” and “you’re wrong,” and this little post will engender that reaction from many.

We’ve lost the ability to discuss, to meet middle, to find common ground. There was a time when individual parties, be they political or personal,  would work together to come to a solution to an issue or argument, but that time has passed, and I fear with the election coming up no matter who wins, the damage will take time to heal.

Regardless of what happens, the election is going to be contested. One party will try to suppress votes, another party will try to get more votes in, and all the while our nation’s enemies will be laughing their a** off at us. They don’t need to attack us, we’ve done all the damage on our own. And sadly, we’ve done it willingly and gleefully.