Covid and the County, Larimer

Covid has been tasking the County, with our being on the raggedy edge or in the high incidence range of infection. Hospitals and ICUs are at occupancy levels that haven’t been seen since May. Between Covid and folks having issues with smoke from wildfires, it’s a breathtaking time in Larimer County.

The County currently sits at Safer at Home Level 1 of Colorado’s Dial Framework. A retreat to Level 2 would trigger a range of new restrictions, including tighter capacity limits on offices, businesses, restaurants and houses of worship; group sports, gyms and bars; and even on certain outdoor activities.

Larimer County health Department, 23 October 2020

We’ve been running on a variance for months allowing us freer access to stores, restaurants and other gatherings. Part of keeping that variance running is the simple task of wearing masks and watching how close you stand to folk.

The mask is not a solution to keep you from getting infected, it’s a courtesy to everyone else around you to help keep them from getting infected. Their wearing a mask is helping you from getting infected, it’s a simple partnership with our neighbors that a lot of people are choosing not to take part in.

The concept of “public” health is it fairly easy one to understand, it’s public, not partisan, Covid doesn’t care if you’re Republican, Democrat or an independent, it doesn’t care how old you are, only cares about is reproducing and propagating.

That extremely difficult task putting a mask over your mouth helps tamp it down. We tamp it down, we get it under control, businesses will be able to reopen, my friends will be able to pay their rent and bills. Is that really such a hard thing to ask?