So much for “Love thy Neighbor”

Larimer County is on the raggedy edge of maintaining our state exemption allowing our current level (I know, not great, but more than we’d be allowed otherwise) of business, bar, and restaurant openings as it is with campus opening back up.

Christian Leader Sean Feucht’s Visits To Fort Collins And Colorado Springs Worry Health Officials

Now we have the religious folk, who don’t even live here coming in, ignoring what we’re trying to do, then moving on to let us deal with the consequences. Outside agitators of the religious type.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m not of organized religion. I’ve got no problems with anyone practicing their own religion, as long as it doesn’t affect others.

This is just another example to be added to my overflowing bag of religious types using their “god” to push their personal beliefs then move on leaving the damage behind.

Simply put, “Love thy neighbor” in my world means not getting them sick.