Cue the hatery (should commentry ensue)

The numbers state that in 2015, the US had over 33,000 opioid deaths. For this, our elected president declared a “national emergency” (yet nothing seems to have been done). 

Compare that with the 30,000  a year in the US from gun violence. Yet again, nothing’s to be done. It’s not just this president, it’s been this way at least since I could vote. The sophists we elected choose to offer hollow words rather than solid actions.

This comes to my mind this morning as I listen to the sound of gunfire this morning on NPR,  brought to us from folk’s video in Las Vegas. It’s a sound I’m intimately familiar with, as well as the effects on the human body. 

I turned off the radio, not my usual action on a Sunday morning. At a point in my life, I volunteered for a job that exposed me to such things so I could better myself with college. I made a choice, others who chose not to make that choice should not have to be exposed to such things. That, to me, is America. You can choose what and what not to do. 

Yet, we’ve become too accepting of death. The vice-president speaks to the mourning and tells them we “are united in our resolve to end such evil in our time,” but the talking heads prove we are not. The casusists will drown out reason with purchased words. 

Once again we hear “It was a tragedy of unimaginable proportions.” Just like the last one. Just like Columbine. Just like Newtown. Just like Aurora.  Just like Orlando. Sadly, it’s become far too imaginable.  

Yet, to speak of any of this publicly will heap scorn and threats upon the writers, even if all we do is ask ” what can we do?”

Spending most of my life in the West, I’ve a more then passing acquaintance with guns. There’s a purpose out here. Hunting for food; defense from dangerous critters who mean us harm while in the hills. But there also needs to be a reasonable limit. But for this topic, reason seems to be slapped down by polemics. 

Seems like it’s time, let see how that goes…

Having been surprised to see that I actually have a Blog, I thought I might be time to get off my bum and try some writery in the public venue.

So, here we are, “on the raggedy edge” so to speak, giving it a shot again, seeing if our words resonate with even my own self once I see how they look on that interwebby thing.

I don’t expect to see myself writing much, especially based off the fact that my previous post was from the early 2000s, but we’ll see if the wordery flows. Been needing another hobby, this seems like an easy way to go. As much as I end up trying to weave tales and entertain folk out in the bars, this may be a nice little way too keep myself entertained.

I’ll even try adding a photo. I believe looking at my writing Nook you understand why there may have been a bit of a gap.

2017-10-07 15.31.32